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2 x D'Kleense (100ml Spray) and 1 x D'Shield (500ml Spray)


D'Shield Features:

  • 90 Days Hybrid Protection
  • QAC formulation for enhanced performance.
  • Ready to use
  • Creates a long-lasting shield against viruses, bacteria, mold, mildew, dirt, and stains.
  • Treated surfaces resist contaminants and are easy to clean.


D'Kleense Features:

  • Dual Function - Cleanses & Disinfects
  • Utilizes SANO-D Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide/Silver Ions Formulation.
  • Suitable for all surfaces (plastic, metal, glass, ceramics, and more).
  • Low foaming and easy to rinse off.
  • Long-lasting effectiveness against bacteria, viruses, yeasts, fungi, and mold spores.

Self-Disinfecting Starter Kit - D'Shield & D'Kleense

SKU: SK3X100
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  • Product Information

    The D'Shield Starter Kit is made just for you! We have made the application of self-disinfecting coating easy with our starter kit. This starter kit includes everything you need to assist you in applying the self-disinfecting coating effectively. Please refer to detailed instructions for more.

  • Typical Surfaces


    • Metals & Steel

    • Wood

    • Glass

    • Plastic & Vinyl

    • Natural Fiber Textiles

    • Rubber

    • Synthetic Textiles

    • Stone & Granite

  • Features

    • QAC are positively charged & will neutralized the negatively charged virus

    • The antimicrobial action is non-chemical but physical.

    • Thus, providing a very long-term effectiveness. Continuous protection after coating (up to 90 Days)

    • Effective against Viruses- Coronavirus, Influenza, Rotavirus, Poliovirus, etc.

    • Effective against Bacteria, Mould , Mildew, Biofilms, Algae

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    1 to 3 days upon order confirmation.

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