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Arranging the Pharmacy Drawer

Retail Outlets

We are selling our SANO-D products in 3 places currently - Meat Collective, Chinatown Visitor Centre and our own office to cater to more people to be able to get SANO-D products on the spot. Please find more details as per below.

Meat Collective

Butcher Shop Deli

A Butcher shop that sells various types of meat, poultry, dairies, wines etc. They are located at Tanjong Katong Road to cater to east side people.

Current Selling models: D'Garde series, D'Kleense series, D'Shield Starter Kit

Chinatown Visitor Ctr.jpeg

Chinatown Visitor Centre

Visitor center in Singapore

Chinatown Business Association (CBA) is set up by a group of passionate Chinatown stakeholders drawn from a cross section of business leaders, grassroots leaders, Chinese clan associations, hoteliers, hawkers, retailers, and more. We are a non-profit organization serving and promoting the business and community interest of stakeholders in Chinatown.

The visitor center was set up to cater to the visitors who wanted more info regarding on navigating through Chinatown area and also the whole of Singapore.

Current Selling models: D'Garde Spritz hand sanitizer, D'Garde 50ml hand sanitizer, D'Kleense 100ml cleaner disinfectant.

Trojan Hospitality Asia Logo.png

Trojan Hospitality Office

Health & Wellness Specialist

Purchase conveniently at Trojan Hospitality's very own premises for more convenience. Customers just need to walk-in and grab SANO-D's products on the go. We only accept cash or paynow payment methods.

Current selling models: Full Range

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